We offer web design and graphic design services

Web Design

Creation | Redesign of Wordpress website

Creation of tailor-made websites

Optimization of your SEO

SEO and speed audits of WordPress sites. Implementation of technical measures aimed at improving natural referencing and the speed of access to the website.

Responsive Web Design

Compatibility and readability on smartphones and tablets. Unique features are developed for smartphones and tablets, to make navigation more intuitive.

Multilingual Management

We offer you to translate the content of your website into French, English, Spanish, Russian or Chinese.


Logo Design | Visuals

We offer you our services of creating logos and visuals for your brand. Photoshop, Illustrator and all other graphic design software hold no secrets for us!

Graphic Charter | Brand identity

We help you to establish your graphic charter as well as possible, so that it corresponds to your business and the message you want to convey to your customers

Brochures | Business cards

We can create your business cards, brochures and other business documents for you.


Discover our recent projects

Rue de la Literie

- Création du logo de l'entreprise


- Création du site web de l'entreprise

Wordpress & Woocommerce

Mc Max

- Creation of the Website and the online store

Wordpress & Woocommerce

- Website optimization

- Optimization of the Website Referencing (SEO) and responsive version of the site on phones and tablets

- Design | Graphics

Logo creation Creation of banners and other visuals Design of an album cover Creation of visuals (images and videos) for social networks


- Creation of 3 different sites for the brand "Kinguin" | |

- Website Optimization

Referencing (SEO) and responsive version of sites on phones and tablets

Websites Translation

In English and Polish

IMC Europe

- Creation of the Website

Wordpress Responsive and SEO optimized website

- Websites Translation

In Chinese and English

- Design | Graphics

Design of the new company logo Brand Identity design

Carle Organisation

- Website rebuilding


- Website optimization

- Optimization of the Website Referencing (SEO) and responsive version of the site on phones and tablets

- Websites Translation

In French and English


- Creation of the Website & Online Store

Wordpress & Woocommerce

- Website optimization

SEO & Responsive

- Websites Translation

In French, English and Spanish

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Wordpress CMS Installation

Wordpress Theme Installation

Design of the Website

Home Page Design

Services | Offers Pages Design

Woocommerce Installation

Creation of the Online Store

Set up of the payment methods

Securing the website

Responsive version

Natural and local referencing (SEO)

Speed Optimization

Photo optimization and retouching

Logo Design

Website Support

Basic offer | One Page Website


For a simple but quality website. single page website.

free logo offered as a gift! 






Showcase website | blog | magazine


we offer you a website made of several pages with an optimized structure.

ideal for medium or large companies




E-commerce store



This offer is made for you



We are Max and Renata, freelance couple since 2015. Max is French, Renata is Moldovan. They met in China and currently live in Poland ... What a journey!

Whether you are in France or abroad, this is no problem for us. We remain available and at your disposal 24/24.


Web Designer


Graphic Designer


Wordpress is the most used CMS for website creation. WordPress is suitable for all types of Web projects: institutional or event site, multisite, multilingual, blog, community platform, or e-commerce; Stable and powerful CMS offering endless possibilities; elegant and intuitive interface for daily monitoring, comfortable and without a hitch.
Chaque projet est différent, son temps de réalisation également. Ensemble, lors de notre entretien initial, nous déterminerons ensemble un calendrier de réalisation afin de définir au mieux la date de livraison de votre projet.
Social networks have taken a big place in our daily life, and it is indeed a good means of communication to reach prospects / customers in their habits. But be careful, you are dependent on the policy of these platforms, so you can see your content blocked, your accounts deleted, and also undergo a change in pricing policy for example, you will have to constantly adapt. In addition, the tone and the technical constraints differ from one network to another and it can quickly be difficult to understand all of these parameters. This is how the profession of community manager was born. Owning your website is therefore essential, since through it you will be able to set up structured and centralized communication in order to express the right message, while controlling all your communication and your image from start to finish, of which you will remain fully the owner.
Bien sur, nous vous livrons un site internet dont vous serez pleinement propriétaire.
This question also comes up very often. I generally recommend the ".fr" for an activity at the local and national level. The ".com", corresponding to the abbreviation "commercial", meanwhile has more international connotations. A few years ago, we saw many ".com" domain names flourish, because the ".fr" domain name was indeed more expensive. Nowadays there is no price difference between the two. It should be noted that there are a multitude of other domain name extensions (".net", ".shop", ".bzh" ...)
We offer free maintenance of your site for one month after delivery. Afterwards, we will of course always be available to answer your questions and help you solve your problems.